About us

For Pets Sake Dog Grooming is the fastest and safest pet boarding service in the territory of Evanston, IL. They provide good care for your dog. The company was established in . The founder – Lisa is the most experienced pet sitter. She graduated the Midwest School of Dog Grooming and has worked in a grooming shop for seven years.

For Pets Sake Dog Grooming is most convenient way to manage your time and give your dog what they deserve.

Lisa founded her company because she loves to travel and work with dogs. She provides the most reliable and satisfactory dog services ever. Your dogs will be walked, fed, bathed and brushed, they will have never been happier. They will meet everything to feel good – a lovable and caring person who has experience in pet boarding and dog grooming.

Dog beauty sessions are offered for everybody to make your dog look the best of the best. The pet grooming service includes standard bathing procedures, along with trimming, nailing, ear cleansing, paw pads care and whatever your dog need.

Traveling with Lisa’s pet boarding van helps the dogs relax and prevents the stress of closed premises. Trust the experienced pet sitter in Evanston, IL. We have never had a flea problem or kennel cough problem.

Call Lisa at (847) 491-1057 to arrange the most suitable service for your dog.

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