Dog Grooming

For Pets Sake Dog Grooming‘s services provide general dog care and pet grooming. Lisa, an expert dog groomer owns a dog boarding van with which she travels with her pets. She is the most reliable dog sitter in Evanston, IL and the surrounding areas.

Choose Lisa’s dog grooming to provide your dog with a special beautifying treatment.

Puppy Getting a Bath in a Washtub In Studio

Her dog care services consist of bathing, brushing, trimming, nailing, ear cleansing procedures, paw pads care and much more. She can offer you different hairstyles – from light trimming of long hairs around the head, face, eyes and parts of the legs, to complete hair cuts for the most pretentious hairy dogs.

If you are leaving town on vacation and you don’t want to leave your dog all alone at home then contact Lisa and she will take a good care of your pet. You are encouraged to bring your dog’s favorite toy, blanket or pillow in order for them to feel more comfortable.

She offers dog care in compliance with sanitation requirements and all the products she uses, meet the the necessary conditions for a healthy dog life. Some pet boarding houses walk the dogs only twice a day for a couple of minutes. Lisa walks them at least three times a day and for as long as it takes for them to become tired.

Dog GroomingIf you need a dog sitter for a couple of hours or days, then Lisa’s van is the most appropriate service for your hasty lifestyle. Your pets will be very happy and beautiful. They will be thankful you care for them.

For Pets Sake Dog Grooming is a dog groomer, delivering safe, fast, convenient service, and saves you so much in traveling. It is an unforgettable experience for your dog too. Lisa’s van is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. So you don’t have to think about the time of the year.

At For Pets Sake Dog Grooming in Evanston, IL your dogs will get a regular brush, baths and walks returning home, happy as Larry! Call (847) 491-1057 to arrange your dog care.

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